Value-creating operations teams must be built on quality, not quantity

Steve Krieger explores emerging managers’ challenges when developing portfolio operations teams from scratch while simultaneously fundraising and sourcing deals.

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We understand that for first-time funds and emerging managers in particular, developing a portfolio operations team from scratch, while simultaneously fundraising, sourcing deals and facing into macro-economic headwinds, is a big challenge.

The latest ‘Operational Excellence’ report from PEI explores how businesses are meeting this challenge; including hiring experienced value-creation professionals, innovating around existing value-creation levers and using new technologies and finally working with the right partners to access specialist functional or industry expertise.

Steve Krieger, our Head of Key Client Partnerships, delves into the importance of quality over quantity and how working with the right partners can create a truly value-creating operations team from day one.

He contends that:

  • Businesses need a handful of highly knowledgable and well-connected individuals in-house, who can build relationships and work well with management teams
  • A small group of experienced individuals pulling their sleeves up and getting things done is far more valuable to companies than dozens of people that are giving out theoretical instructions
  • There is a fine line between being helpful and being intrusive, so individuals working  in portfolio operations need to have that sensitivity
  • Ultimately it is not about being the person in the room that has the best idea but being the person with the best idea that actually gets done

Contact Steve to hear more about our operations expertise and you can access the broader PEI “Operational Excellence” report here.

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