Portfolio Data Management

Unlock portfolio insights with an integrated workflow experience

The market challenge

Alternatives market participants face the daunting challenge of understanding performance and risk exposure across their entire portfolio of direct and indirect investments. Once they’ve tackled the issue of structuring data from multiple sources and formats, they are tasked with organizing that data in a comprehensive way within their tech stack. This presents a problem of data storage, mobility, and scalability.

Alter Domus Gateway

Built through deep collaboration with industry experts, Alter Domus’ Gateway gives your team a single viewpoint for the entire portfolio and seamlessly integrates a workflow experience with your existing systems. Gateway’s core data platform offers centralized data storage, plus a one-stop-shop interface through which to interact with your data. By combining formerly disparate datasets from your existing point solutions into a single source of truth, analysts and portfolio managers are able to spend less time mapping data and more time creating alpha for their portfolios.

Transform your business with Gateway

Harness the power of your data

Gateway creates a holistic view of your global dataset, enabling analysis at multiple levels and rapid decision-making with structured, reliable data and focused use case modules.

Break down silos across your business

Fine-tuned to your target operating model, our system integration services allow connections directly to your current tech stack to facilitate data transfer.

Analyze trends across industry and time

Gateway is natively integrated with leading portfolio monitoring providers. This includes dashboards configured directly for your needs and automated data population within the Gateway solution.

Unlock portfolio insights

Gateway provides a comprehensive document repository with original source files and relevant metadata to support compliance and internal access needs.

Our service teams create a comprehensive data catalog across multiple documents and content sets to provide a unified view of the portfolio.

The Gateway interface allows your team to receive relevant documents, approve and supplement data for new investments, funds, and transactions, and monitor their relevant portfolios, transforming the flow of information into a single source of truth. This encompasses role-based access control, ensuring proper levels of permissions for relevant team members.

Seamlessly transition to a streamlined, data-consistent operating model by leveraging our system integration services to connect directly to existing middle- and back-office systems. Our onboarding team will be on hand to manage the transition and roll out the new strategy in a way best suited to your needs.

How Gateway supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Data Officer:

The challenge:
How do you combine insights from multiple sources and types, and secure accurate, accessible portfolio data to understand performance and risk exposure in real-time across your entire business? How can you efficiently distribute that data to the right stakeholders and applications? How do you ensure the data model used in your core data platform represents your business appropriately?

The Gateway solution:
Gateway offers a comprehensive view of your portfolio and analysis at multiple levels, enabling a single source of truth. Integration with both internal and external systems facilitates efficient data distribution and collaboration across your business.

If you’re a Chief Technology Officer:

The challenge:
How do you build and deploy a modern, sustainable tech stack? How can you ensure seamless data storage and integration from disparate systems into a unified format? How do you implement scalable infrastructure to handle rapidly growing data volumes?

The Gateway solution:
Gateway enables connection directly to your existing tech stack, allowing for a seamless transition and efficient data transfer. Gateway offers a centralized document repository with clear availability of original source documents to validate data.

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