Depositary Services

Effective safekeeping, oversight, and cashflow monitoring for your fund

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What are Depositary Services?

To meet regulatory requirements, every investment fund within the scope of the AIFMD must appoint an independent depositary to oversee its assets. To ensure smooth and efficient interactions with your core business, it’s crucial to select a depositary with processes and tools dedicated to the alternatives industry, and with deep knowledge of each asset class — from private equity or real estate to private debt or fund of funds (FOF). Alter Domus provides Depositary Services in Luxembourg, Malta, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

A full-service solution to protect investors’ interests

Strong, adapted process

We tailor our processes to suit the specific needs of diverse asset classes, eliminating inefficiencies and ensuring smooth operations for your fund.

Stay focused on core business

We know our strengths, and you know yours. We protect your assets by meeting every oversight, cash monitoring, and safekeeping requirement, so you can focus on asset management.

Trust tailor-made technology

We tailor our tools to meet specific requirements of the alternative industry.

Put experience to work

Our specialists have expertise in all alternative investment asset classes. They know private equity, real assets, and debt capital markets.

Work with strength

Alter Domus is the world’s largest non-bank depositary, with more than 460 funds and $150 billion in assets under depositary. We know our business and yours.

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