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Sophisticated compliance and forecasting software to enhance your strategic planning

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Digital solutions to mitigate your regulatory and performance risk

Regulatory compliance is more than a legal requirement: it’s essential to reducing your reputational and performance risk. It’s also a huge job, and before you can accurately forecast risk you have to glean insight from complex datasets — analysis requiring cost-effective, scalable modeling tools.

Alter Domus’ technology solutions help financial institutions and collateralized loan obligation (CLO) managers comply with CECL and IFRS9 reporting requirements and monitor CLO risk. We take regulatory reporting, compliance, and risk analysis to new levels of sophistication, flexibility, and accuracy, giving you a critical edge.

ALLL+ is our best-in-class solution to understand your credit risk and maintain regulatory compliance. Risk Modeler is our automated, scalable risk-forecasting and stress-testing software. Solvas Compliance is a rules-based, user-configurable, and scalable platform that provides clear calculations for your CLOs.

Turn data into better decisions while minimizing risk

Answer your next “what if” questions

Anticipate future IFRS9 and CECL regulatory changes, potential risk performance, and CLO compliance limits with the latest analytics.

Utilize your own data

Unlock value from your own data to enrich your decisions, deepen insights, and end the sole reliance on industry standards.

Avoid coding

Our scalable, tailored modeling capabilities developed by domain experts provide no-coding simplicity

Get the best from our software

We partner with you to provide all the support you need, from the initial mapping of customer data to troubleshooting for data discrepancies.

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