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Bespoke operating model design & implementation

A strategic partnership to transform operational scalability, data management, and time-to-market

We take a collaborative approach

As your investment franchise grows, so do investments and the attention needed for middle- and back-office operations: expertise, technology platforms, and trained resources. Add diversification in investor groups, targeted investment markets, or asset classes, and fund operations can choke development and innovation.

We partner with ambitious asset managers and asset owners and provide them with access to the expertise, technology, and resources needed to scale their businesses across key markets. The approach is flexible, adapted to their strategic objectives, and focused on removing the burden of day-to-day production and stakeholder management, while allowing you to focus on investors, investments, and risk management while retaining full oversight and control over your data.

We’ll support you in defining an efficient joint operating model, improving fund economics, ensuring a seamless transition, and meeting expectations for timely, transparent, and high-quality information – all without continued investment in staff and technology. Our approach can also include a “lift-out” of your in-house teams: your employees will become Alter Domus employees and will remain 100% dedicated to your account.

Choosing to partner with us is a strategic decision to prioritize and reinforce your firm’s unique culture. We assist you in this transformation, allowing your company to stay true to its core values and purpose, even as you grow.

An opportunity to get ahead, with support at every step

Move strategically

Transitioning to a new service model is a significant change. We make it easy. We’ve done lift-outs of existing teams, migrations of existing funds from both in-house and service providers onto our unique platform, and co-sourcing.

Plan your future

Well defined operating models are synonymous with cost predictability and fair cost allocation to investment vehicles. Whether you scale up or down, we’ll help you reduce incremental costs.

Improve operational efficiency

With access to the latest technology platforms, workflows, and operational best practices, your business will run smoothly. Backlogs and roadblocks will be a thing of the past.

Mitigate risk

Our experts know how quickly the regulatory environment can change. We’ll help you navigate new rules and requirements and ensure you’re always in compliance.

Reinforce your culture and core competencies

Don’t dilute your company’s unique culture as you scale. Outsourcing non-core activities lets you reaffirm your identity and purpose.

Give key employees a career boost

Employees transitioning from your firm to Alter Domus will find incentives and attractive career opportunities adapted to their expertise.

Bespoke operating model design

New ownership, new management and company consolidation are often, but not exclusively, the triggers for executives to take a step back and re-evaluate back and middle office functions in light of new strategic ambitions. We help clients evaluate future needs and then match those needs to a bespoke operating model, then we put together a multi-disciplinary dedicated delivery team to seamlessly transition to the target operating model. Typically operating models can take on elements of traditional outsourcing, co-sourcing, team lift-outs and managed services, but here at Alter Domus they don’t come off the shelf.

Managed services

A managed service model offers a long-term, efficient partnership that boosts fund economics and ensures timely, transparent, and high-quality data transfer, without your continued investment in staff and technology. Steve Krieger, Head of Key Client Partnerships, explains.


With co-sourcing, you retain control of your technology and data while we handle the rest of your fund servicing activities. Real-time access to data enables strategic decision-making — and means you can respond to investors without delay. Jared Broadbent, Head of Fund Services North America, explains more.


With traditional outsourcing, we handle all aspects of your fund administration needs. We provide both the technology and people required, which allows you as the client to focus on your core activities. You benefit from our continued investment in technology and expertise, without having to get into the weeds of processes and people management.

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