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As you look to drive efficiencies, scale your business, and maximize returns, the sophistication of the technology at the disposal of those managing alternative assets has become increasingly vital.

For whether you want to refine and assess your investment strategies, understanding your portfolio’s performance and exposure to risk, or ensure the servicing of your funds is cost-effective, transparent, and operationally impactful, Alter Domus multi-year, ongoing investment in market leading technologies has always had one clear goal: provide our clients with a competitive edge amid ever-more challenging and complex markets.  

Be it deploying both proprietary or leading third-party fund accounting operations systems, developing standalone data and analytics software solutions for front-office teams, or providing single points of access to our technology suite, Alter Domus is leading the digital transformation of the alternative investment industry.

Technology to meet every need

Get the right information, right away

Whether its investors wanting more insights, or regulators require more reports, data demands are growing for alternative asset managers. Alter Domus technology has evolved to keep pace with the rapid changes place. Today, access to higher-volume, better information is readily available for clients.

Enhance insight while you reduce costs and risk

Our combination of proprietary and market-standard fund accounting and operations systems and cutting-edge digital workflows are designed to deliver rapid, precise results when servicing your funds. You’ll increase efficiency, ensure accuracy, and save time — all while having enhanced visibility into tasks and activity history.

Unlock the potential of your portfolio

Our state-of-the-art technology platforms boast robust analytics and comprehensive overviews across regions, investment structures, and product types, transforming your data into actionable insights. With a comprehensive view of your portfolios and powerful analytical tools, you’ll gain tactical and strategic decision-making capabilities.


Alter Domus Vega: one platform to connect them all

Alter Domus Vega allows for a single log-in to most client-facing technology applications, provides information on our suite of technology solutions, and enables clients to access release notes from one location.

Standalone technology solutions to give you the advantage

In today’s highly competitive environment, two things underpin the financial stability and market advantage of fund managers: the ability to aggregate, analyze, and use data and the right technology to industrialize the process, automating what used to be manual tasks. 

However, asset managers and asset allocators often lack the internal expertise and resources to effectively capture, assess, and report on data — which can mean missed opportunities.

Our comprehensive data management and software solutions seamlessly integrate content across administrators, providing the intelligence, transparency, and accuracy you need to thrive in a data-driven world. You’ll have a global view of your portfolio across your entire organization.

And because our technology solutions are standalone services, we don’t have to manage your funds to manage your data.  Explore our roster of solutions below.

Our standalone data and analytics solutions

Solvas Accounting is a unique reporting platform designed to deal with the nuances of the debt and contract types in one centralized solution.

Streamline your reporting and investor communications with our proprietary reporting platforms that allow you to securely deliver data to your investors.

Digitize and reconcile large volumes of unstructured financial documentation with our automated technologies, enhanced with machine learning, bringing new standards of data accuracy and delivery.

Streamlined operations and analysis across the credit cycle.

Sophisticated compliance and forecasting software to enhance your strategic planning.

Simplified data management for alternative investments, offering a unified portfolio view and seamless integration.

Discuss the benefits of our technology solutions

Contact our relationship management team to find out more about our fund operations systems, data and analytics solutions, and our AD Vega client portal.

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