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Alter Domus Vega: one platform to connect them all

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Easy access to client facing technology applications

Providing a seamless and singular entry point for our clients across our multiple technology solutions, Alter Domus Vega brings a “One Alter Domus” experience to our client base – who can now access our solutions through a single “front door”. Alter Domus Vega allows for a single log-in to most client-facing technology applications, provides information on our suite of technology solutions, and enables clients to access release notes from one location.

Access to Alter Domus Vega is included for clients who utilize the following technology solutions and services.


CorPro, our secure web portal, allows investment managers to access fund and asset-level financial data and distribute all communications and reporting to their investors through a secure, customizable application. The following components are accessible via Alter Domus Vega.

Dashboard for accounting data

Within fund administration, Client Dashboard aggregates fund accounting data into a dashboard tool so users can easily access and query data.

Investor portal management hub

CRM is an administrative hub for managing investor relations and fund communications for the Investor Portal.


Financial reporting

ReportPro covers the entire reporting lifecycle with auditability and traceability throughout the fund administration process.

Investment details for LPs

The Investor Portal is a secure platform that provides investors with access to information and tools related to their investments.

A portal to upload property level financial data

Secure submission, translation, and validation of financial information pertaining to individual properties as part of fund administration.

Operations Center

Task management and collaboration tool

Operations Center streamlines and manages various processes, enhancing productivity and collaboration through task organization.

Loan portfolio monitoring

The Loan Portfolio Management (PM) tool provides a comprehensive overview of your loan portfolio serviced by Alter Domus.


Custom Loan Services

CorTrade is a real-time trade management portal supporting loans and other tradeable securities as part of our trade settlement service.


Real-time trade management portal

CorTrade is a real-time trade management portal supporting loans and other tradeable securities as part of our trade settlement service.

AD Connect

Digital document storage and organization

A document management solution for storing, managing, and tracking electronic documents and information related to Alter Domus’ core services.

Agency CorPro

Monitor loan servicing & exchange sensitive information

Agency CorPro provides a view into syndicated loan transaction servicing and enables secure exchange of financial information for agency services.

Private debt – standalone technology solutions

Credit agreement covenant tracking

DealFact simplifies loan management workflows, offering transparency into loan portfolios and enabling timely identification of deliverable deadlines.

Financial data extraction & normalization

Digitize leverages machine learning, workflow automation, and in-house expertise to rapidly deliver corporate financial statement data.


Asset monitoring for private credit

SaaS asset monitoring tool and integrated managed data service designed to streamline credit operations.

Solvas Solutions

Flexible financial accounting system

Comprehensive, flexible financial accounting system that handles a wide range of asset classes and complexities of syndicated loans.

CLO calculations to manage and analyze risk

Compliance is a comprehensive, rules-based, scalable platform that provides clear calculations for your Collateralized Loan Obligations.

Solvas Digitize

Straight-through document and data processing technology

Efficient, intelligent document and data processing to increase efficiency of your operations.

Solvas Portfolio

End-to-end administration and reporting

Administration and reporting solution providing a transparent, easy-to-use and holistic view of assets.

Financial Institutions standalone technology

Credit risk and regulatory compliance

Enhanced business intelligence to help you mitigate risk and maintain regulatory compliance while scaling your business at speed.

End-to-end stress testing and credit risk analytics

Risk Modeler transforms the speed and accuracy of modeling future risk and performance, unlocking the intelligence and insight buried in complex data.

Capital Administration


Automated waterfalls and carry plans

As part of capital administration, our market-leading software enables end-to-end processing of your fund and carry on-system.

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