Digitize – Investor Statements

Reveal asset performance through accurate, actionable data

The market challenge

To make sound decisions, asset owners and allocators need investment insight across sectors, asset classes, and geographies. But with the volume of data increasing every day — much of it in unstructured, non-digitized formats from different sources — it’s tougher than ever to understand performance and risk exposure across funds and fund managers.

Digitize – Investor Statements

Built within an automated machine learning framework, our Digitize – Investor Statements solution ingests large volumes of complex documents, including capital calls, distribution notices, and capital account statements, then provides instantaneous access to actionable data. This managed service uses a combination of people, process, and technology to extract, validate, and deliver critical datasets to your preferred reporting systems.

The low-stress way to make informed decisions

Reduce resources

Scaling internal operations teams to collect and process vast volumes of unstructured data is labor-intensive and costly. Digitize – Investor Statements reduces the load so you can better allocate your resources.

Improve insight and strategy follows

Enhanced data accuracy and timeliness lead to clearer insight. And that helps you make more strategic decisions about investments and allocation, enabling growth and flexibility.

Set your data free

Once digitized, key information is freed from the constraints of PDFs and legacy data tools such as Excel. The result is new standards of data structure, transparency, and accuracy.

Reduce risk

Having the right data when you need it means you’ll more easily meet the ever-increasing, ever-evolving requirements for reporting and regulatory compliance.

One repository, maximum control

Our teams will collect all data from multiple documents and multiple sources including portals, email, and bulk uploads.

Automated tagging helps you manage and coordinate content. Once your documents are ingested into our platform, our process mines the documents and tags them by:

• Document type
• Fund
• Account / entity
• Date

We provide a comprehensive document repository with original source files and enhanced meta data.

Data is digitized, enriched, reconciled, and verified with a growing list of predefined client-specific rules, ensuring that all information collected is 100% accurate.

Digitize – Investor Statements immediately identifies investment-related discrepancies and missing documentation to help ensure data integrity.

Data is ready for your analysis and can be agnostically delivered to multiple downstream systems, from monitoring and reporting platforms to data warehouses and accounting systems.

How Digitize – Investor Statements supports key roles

If you’re a Financial Advisor / Wealth Manager:

The challenge:
How can teams access definitive data that is enriched, well-managed, and works seamlessly with relevant downstream systems to offer full flexibility, scalability, and transparency?

The Digitize – Investor Statements solution:
Digitize – Investor Statements takes unreliable, unstructured source data and translates it into an accessible format. You get an accurate view of performance while saving time and resources.

If you’re a Portfolio Manager:

The challenge:
How do you secure accurate, accessible investor statement data to understand performance and risk exposure in real-time across your entire portfolio? How can you accurately represent those findings to the board and other investors?

The Digitize – Investor Statements solution:
Digitize – Investor Statements extracts and reconciles data from multiple types of unstructured GP-provided source documents, including capital account statements, capital calls, and distribution notices. That data is normalized and ready for import to your downstream reporting system.

digitize Investor Statements at work

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