Data Extraction & Harmonization

Digitize Fund Financials

An automated solution to improve decision-making and portfolio diversity

The market challenge

Asset owners and managers need relevant, timely investment insights to avoid missed opportunities, but getting at the right information can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. That’s because it typically requires analyzing a wealth of data in unstructured formats from multiple sources across sectors, asset classes, and geographies. 

Digitize Fund Financials

Our state-of-the-art data collation and extraction solution frees your operations team from labor-intensive processes. By providing an accurate view of performance and risk exposure across your entire investment portfolio, Digitize Fund Financials helps you make better decisions to maintain portfolio diversity.

How Digitize Fund Financials supports your business

Be in the know

Extract, validate, and deliver critical datasets to your reporting systems, from capital calls and distribution notices to capital account statements and quarterly fund financial reports.

Access actionable data now

Digitize Fund Financials’ automation and machine learning framework can ingest high volumes of complex documents, mining and analyzing even unstructured data to give you information that’s instantly accessible and 100% accurate.

Improve your strategy through insight

Having more accurate data on a timely basis means better insight — helping you make more strategic decisions today and enabling future scale and flexibility.

Reduce the risk of manual input

Once key information is digitized, it’s no longer constrained by the limits of PDFs or legacy data tools such as Excel. You’ll benefit from new standards of data structure, transparency, and precision.

Allocate resources the right way

Digitize Fund Financials reduces costs and intensive manual labor so you can use your resources to grow.

Improve transparency and compliance

We’ll help you provide investors with the transparent and timely reporting they need while you meet regulatory requirements.

Expect more from your data

Our experienced team leads the collection of multiple documents from multiple sources, including portals, email, and bulk uploads, ensuring nothing will be missed or left behind.

You’ll never wonder where something is. Once the documents are in the Digitize Fund Financials platform, they’re automatically tagged by:

  • Document type
  • Fund
  • Account /entity
  • Date

Digitize Fund Financials provides a comprehensive document store with original source files and enhanced metadata.

We digitize, enrich, reconcile, and verify all data so you can be sure all the information collected is 100% accurate and relevant.

Our service immediately identifies investment-related discrepancies and missing documentation to help ensure data integrity and peace of mind.

Data is ready for your specific analytical needs and can be agnostically delivered to multiple downstream systems, including monitoring and reporting platforms, data warehouses, and accounting systems.

How Digitize Fund Financials supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Investment Officer:

The challenge:
How can you build an accurate view of performance and risk exposure across your entire portfolio? How can teams access definitive data that is enriched, well-managed, and works seamlessly with relevant downstream systems to offer full flexibility, scalability, and transparency to investment decision makers?

The Digitize Investor Statements solution:
Digitize Fund Financials saves you valuable time and resources by extracting fund financial data and translating it into an accessible format for your stakeholder reporting. This gives you the transparency necessary to monitor performance and risk, enabling smarter investment decisions.

If you’re a Portfolio Manager:

The challenge:
How do you secure accurate, assessable fund financial data in real time to understand performance and risk exposure across your portfolio? How can you accurately represent those findings to the board and other investors?

The Digitize Investor Statements solution:
Digitize Fund Financials extracts and normalizes data from quarterly reports and schedules of investments, and readies that collated, actionable data for import to your downstream reporting system of choice.

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