Marketing Data Room

Instant, secure access to fund marketing documents for prospective investors

What is the Marketing Data Room?

Raising capital is challenging enough without the security risks and inefficiencies of fumbling with paper documents. Your online Marketing Data Room facilitates instant, secure access to digital files, streamlining fundraising and compliance reporting while improving investor confidence.

Avoid fundraising delays associated with traditional document-sharing

Reduce risk

Control granular-level permissions and deter unauthorized access.

Improve efficiency

With our contact management feature, you can grant access to documents within a few clicks.

Streamline document controls

Audit-tracking capabilities allow you to view document flows, monitor user activities, and manage multiple investor relationships.

Free up resources

Your marketing data room’s central document portal eliminates the waste associated with paper documents, saving your company time, money, and resources

Streamline fund marketing and raising capital

All your fundraising materials in one place.

Control who has access to sensitive files.

Integrate with the Alter Domus Investor Portal without the need for separate usernames or passwords.

Deter unauthorized access and sharing of sensitive documents.

Track document views and downloads to monitor investor engagement.

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