Break down the transparency challenges in alternative investment reporting to LPs

What is the Investor Portal?

To identify and avoid potential risks, investors need transparent, up-to-date reports — but providing information in a rapid and secure manner can be a drain on your time and technical resources. Our Investor Portal streamlines the entire reporting process: it’s a secure hub, fully integrated with our accounting systems, that enables investors to easily view data, insights, and tailored documents in one centralized location.

Helping you provide transparent, secure reports

Meet every demand

When investors ask for more frequent or customized reporting, everything you need to respond is ready to go.

Keep everything together

A centralized platform means there’s never any searching for important documents, and nothing is ever overlooked.

Protect important information

Multi-factor authentication keeps data and documents safe. You can easily manage viewing permissions for investor- and fund-level information.

View investment updates

Investors can access investment documentation including notices, capital account statements, financial statements, and more.

Expand your brand

Create a custom login page and incorporate your logo within the application.

Provide an integrated data room

Integrating a data room for fundraising builds a seamless experience for investors throughout their journey.

Our Investor Portal makes reporting easy

Investors can easily access all the information they need to make better decisions and track their investments, all in one convenient location.

Integrations with Alter Domus’ accounting systems ensure the data investors see is accurate and consistent with the source system.

Access controls ensure investors obtain timely and accurate information about their investments, but no one sees anything they shouldn’t.

Providing must-have information keeps investors happy and loyal.

The Investor Portal dashboard provides a holistic view of investments and data.

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