Successor Agent Services

The leveraged loan industry’s most experienced administrative agent, providing a seamless transfer

What are Successor Agent Services?

When an administrative agent resigns or is removed, it can disrupt the orderly administration of a credit facility. To get back to business-as-usual, you have to move quickly to put a neutral, independent successor agent in place. Alter Domus can seamlessly fill that role. In fact, we’re the oldest and largest commercially focused administrative agent in the market. Our experienced buy- and sell-side professionals not only have workout and restructuring experience, but they’ve also facilitated some of the industry’s largest and most complex liability management transactions.

Technology-backed experts providing portfolio-forward solutions

Draw on global expertise

We understand the dynamics of broadly syndicated bank loans and private credit transitions with solutions in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Protect all interests

Because we’re agile as well as experienced, we’ll move quickly to transition the agency role and facilitate complex restructuring transactions, in or out of court and across the globe.

Make data-driven decisions

Our proprietary systems are streamlined and secure.

Move quickly

This is no time for foot-dragging. Our team approach ensures we are responsive to all queries in a timely manner, and we close bank loan trades promptly.

Work with a true partner

We focus on ensuring a smooth transition and a positive working relationship throughout the life of the loan.

Leave the details to us

We’ll handle tasks such as credit documentation and review, register upkeep, assignment processing, and arranging communications for the lender group.

Our proprietary technology makes communication and processes easier and more transparent for lenders and borrowers.

We’ll ensure you adhere to your credit agreement by preparing and distributing notices, collecting and distributing financial statements and other compliance documentation, and negotiating and reviewing the credit document at the start of the process.

Successor agents must be well-equipped and ready to take on the challenges that prompt a resigning agent’s decision to step down. Our decades of experience will ensure that you have a commercially focused and experienced partner ready to facilitate your transaction.

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