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Alter Domus Vega: one platform to connect them all

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Easy access to client facing technology applications

Providing a seamless and singular entry point for our clients across our multiple technology solutions, Alter Domus Vega brings a “One Alter Domus” experience to our client base – who can now access our solutions through a single “front door”. Alter Domus Vega allows for a single log-in to most client-facing technology applications, provides information on our suite of technology solutions, and enables clients to access release notes from one location.

Access to Alter Domus Vega is included for clients who utilize the following technology solutions and services.


CorPro, our secure web portal, allows investment managers to access fund and asset-level financial data and distribute all communications and reporting to their investors through a secure, customizable application. The following components are accessible via Alter Domus Vega.

Dashboard for accounting data

Within fund administration, Client Dashboard aggregates fund accounting data into a dashboard tool so users can easily access and query data.

Investor portal management hub

CRM is an administrative hub for managing investor relations and fund communications for the Investor Portal.


Financial reporting

ReportPro covers the entire reporting lifecycle with auditability and traceability throughout the fund administration process.

Investment details for LPs

The Investor Portal is a secure platform that provides investors with access to information and tools related to their investments.

A portal to upload property level financial data

Secure submission, translation, and validation of financial information pertaining to individual properties as part of fund administration.

Operations Center

Task management and collaboration tool

Operations Center streamlines and manages various processes, enhancing productivity and collaboration through task organization.

Loan portfolio monitoring

The Loan Portfolio Management (PM) tool provides a comprehensive overview of your loan portfolio serviced by Alter Domus.


Custom Loan Services

CorTrade is a real-time trade management portal supporting loans and other tradeable securities as part of our trade settlement service.


Real-time trade management portal

CorTrade is a real-time trade management portal supporting loans and other tradeable securities as part of our trade settlement service.

AD Connect

Digital document storage and organization

A document management solution for storing, managing, and tracking electronic documents and information related to Alter Domus’ core services.

Agency CorPro

Monitor loan servicing & exchange sensitive information

Agency CorPro provides a view into syndicated loan transaction servicing and enables secure exchange of financial information for agency services.

Private debt – standalone technology solutions

Credit agreement covenant tracking

DealFact simplifies loan management workflows, offering transparency into loan portfolios and enabling timely identification of deliverable deadlines.

Financial data extraction & normalization

Digitize leverages machine learning, workflow automation, and in-house expertise to rapidly deliver corporate financial statement data.


Asset monitoring for private credit

SaaS asset monitoring tool and integrated managed data service designed to streamline credit operations.

Solvas Solutions

Flexible financial accounting system

Comprehensive, flexible financial accounting system that handles a wide range of asset classes and complexities of syndicated loans.

CLO calculations to manage and analyze risk

Compliance is a comprehensive, rules-based, scalable platform that provides clear calculations for your Collateralized Loan Obligations.

Solvas Digitize

Straight-through document and data processing technology

Efficient, intelligent document and data processing to increase efficiency of your operations.

Solvas Portfolio

End-to-end administration and reporting

Administration and reporting solution providing a transparent, easy-to-use and holistic view of assets.

Financial Institutions standalone technology

Credit risk and regulatory compliance

Enhanced business intelligence to help you mitigate risk and maintain regulatory compliance while scaling your business at speed.

End-to-end stress testing and credit risk analytics

Risk Modeler transforms the speed and accuracy of modeling future risk and performance, unlocking the intelligence and insight buried in complex data.

Capital Administration


Automated waterfalls and carry plans

As part of capital administration, our market-leading software enables end-to-end processing of your fund and carry on-system.

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Co-Sourcing and Managed Services

Co-sourcing and managed services help future-proof your business

Keep up with operational challenges

Whether you’re growing AUM or moving into a new jurisdiction, asset class, or strategy, you need a fund administrator who can easily accommodate your plans with leading-edge operating models. That’s why Alter Domus offers both co-sourcing and managed service models in addition to more traditional outsourcing.

Operating models are evolving

Jessica Mead, Regional Executive North America, recently spoke with Preqin about the changing ways firms are looking to work with their administrators. Watch her quick video synopsis or read the full article.

A hybrid approach

With co-sourcing, you retain control of your technology and data while we handle the rest of your fund servicing activities. Real-time access to data enables strategic decision-making — and means you can respond to investors without delay. Jared Broadbent, Head of Fund Services North America, explains more.

Managed services

A managed service model offers a long-term, efficient partnership that boosts fund economics and ensures timely, transparent, and high-quality data transfer, without your continued investment in staff and technology. Steve Krieger, Head of Key Client Partnerships, explains.

Alter Domus’ Co-Sourcing Solutions

Under our co-sourcing model, we put the strength of more than 5,000 fund specialists to work for you, handling your back and middle-office operational activities while you retain control over your technology stack and data.

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Strategic Co-sourcing & Outsourcing

A strategic partnership to transform operational scalability, data management, and time-to-market

We take a collaborative approach

As your investment franchise grows, so do investments and the attention needed for middle- and back-office operations: expertise, technology platforms, and trained resources. Add diversification in investor groups, targeted investment markets, or asset classes, and fund operations can choke development and innovation.

We partner with ambitious asset managers and asset owners and provide them with access to the expertise, technology, and resources needed to scale their businesses across key markets. The approach is flexible, adapted to their strategic objectives, and focused on removing the burden of day-to-day production and stakeholder management, while allowing you to focus on investors, investments, and risk management while retaining full oversight and control over your data.

We’ll support you in defining an efficient joint operating model, improving fund economics, ensuring a seamless transition, and meeting expectations for timely, transparent, and high-quality information – all without continued investment in staff and technology. Our approach can also include a transfer of your in-house teams: your employees will become Alter Domus employees and will remain 100% dedicated to your account.

Choosing to partner with us is a strategic decision to prioritize and reinforce your firm’s unique culture. We assist you in this transformation, allowing your company to stay true to its core values and purpose, even as you grow.

An opportunity to get ahead, with support at every step

Move strategically

Transitioning to a new service model is a significant change. We make it easy. We’ve done transfers of existing teams to Alter Domus, migrations of existing funds from both in-house and service providers onto our unique platform, and co-sourcing.

Plan your future

Well defined operating models are synonymous with cost predictability and fair cost allocation to investment vehicles. Whether you scale up or down, we’ll help you reduce incremental costs.

Improve operational efficiency

With access to the latest technology platforms, workflows, and operational best practices, your business will run smoothly. Backlogs and roadblocks will be a thing of the past.

Mitigate risk

Our experts know how quickly the regulatory environment can change. We’ll help you navigate new rules and requirements and ensure you’re always in compliance.

Reinforce your culture and core competencies

Don’t dilute your company’s unique culture as you scale. Outsourcing non-core activities lets you reaffirm your identity and purpose.

Give key employees a career boost

Employees transitioning from your firm to Alter Domus will find incentives and attractive career opportunities adapted to their expertise.

Tailored for you

With increased demands on back office teams, operating models are under growing pressure. Organizations face the “double jeopardy” of knowing they need to implement structural change, but are often unsure of the best solution – all while understanding that the consequences of making the wrong decision will be detrimental to future growth. And that’s where we can help with tailor made operating model design and implementation.

Customized operating models

Designing and implementing operating models often starts with three foundational concepts, but the exact set up across people, technology, data flows and platforms is always tailor made to meet our clients’ strategic objectives.


Managed services

A managed service model offers a long-term, efficient partnership that boosts fund economics and ensures timely, transparent, and high-quality data transfer, without your continued investment in staff and technology. Steve Krieger, Head of Key Client Partnerships, explains.


With co-sourcing, you retain control of your technology and data while we handle the rest of your fund servicing activities. Real-time access to data enables strategic decision-making — and means you can respond to investors without delay. Jared Broadbent, Head of Fund Services North America, explains more.

Key contacts

Steve Krieger

Steve Krieger


Head of Key Client Partnerships

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Front-Office Portfolio Workflow

Unlock portfolio insights with an integrated workflow experience

The market challenge

Alternatives market participants face the daunting challenge of understanding performance and risk exposure across their entire portfolio of direct and indirect investments. They receive data from multiple sources, in multiple formats, with few marketplace standards or best practice rulesets to govern data extraction. Collecting, digitizing, and acting on insights from this valuable, but unstructured data is job number one for every front-office team.

Alter Domus Gateway

Built through deep collaboration with industry experts, Alter Domus’ Gateway gives your team a single viewport for the entire portfolio and seamlessly integrates a workflow experience with your existing systems. By combining formerly disparate datasets from our market-leading Digitize product line, analysts and portfolio managers are able to spend less time mapping data – from portfolio company financials to capital account statements – and more time confidently analyzing portfolio trends.

Transform your business with Gateway

Harness the power of your data

Gateway creates a holistic view of your global dataset, enabling analysis at multiple levels and rapid decision-making with structured, reliable data and focused use case modules.

Break down silos across your business

Fine-tuned to your target operating model, our system integration services allow connections directly to your current tech stack to facilitate data transfer.

Work smarter, not harder

Alter Domus’ managed data services enable your front-office teams to spend their time on high-value activities, while the Gateway workflow support and integrated front-office data approvals capabilities ensure accuracy and quality.

Analyze trends across industry and time

Portfolio monitoring includes dashboards configured directly for your needs and automated data population within the Gateway solution. We also offer direct connections to existing client monitoring and reporting systems where applicable.

Unlock portfolio insights

Provides a comprehensive document repository with original source files and relevant metadata to support compliance and internal access needs.

Unstructured data is digitized, interpreted, reconciled, and verified based on predefined client-specific preferences, ensuring that data collected and used downstream is accurate and fully understood

Our service teams create a comprehensive data catalog across multiple documents and content sets to provide a unified view of the portfolio.

Take advantage of full features offered by leading portfolio monitoring platforms, including:

  • Drill-down capabilities across a diverse portfolio
  • Aggregated risk and performance metrics
  • Cash-flow forecasting and liquidity analysis
  • Custom scenarios and J-curve analysis
  • Relevant market benchmarking

The interface for your front-office teams allows them to receive relevant documents, approve and supplement data for new investments, funds, and transactions, and monitor their relevant portfolios, transforming the flow of information into a single source of truth User permissions ensure access only to the relevant team members, while auditing team access and senior management views are also supported.

Seamlessly transition to a streamlined, data-consistent operating model by leveraging our system integration services to connect directly to existing middle- and back-office systems. Our first-class onboarding team will be on hand to manage the transition and roll out the new strategy in a way best suited to your needs.

How Gateway supports key roles

If you’re a Portfolio Manager:

The challenge:
How do you combine insights from across multiple data sources and data types, and secure accurate, accessible investor statement data to understand performance and risk exposure in real-time across your entire portfolio? How can you accurately represent those findings to various stakeholders?

The Gateway solution:
Gateway extracts, normalizes, and reconciles data from multiple types of unstructured source documents including portfolio company financials, fund prospectus, subscription documents, capital account statements, capital calls, distribution notices, and shareholder meeting notices. That data is normalized and readied for import to your downstream reporting system.

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Solvas Compliance

Transparent, flexible CLO calculations to effectively manage and analyze risk across your portfolios

Effective, efficient risk management 

While other solutions provide untailored, unamendable models that lack transparency, compromise independence, and risk data accuracy, Solvas Compliance is a simple-to-use, rules-based, and scalable platform that provides clear calculations for your Collateralized Loan Obligations. Alter Domus is proud to offer these Solvas Compliance services via a related entity, Solvas. See for complete details.

Risk Modeler

Unlock the power of data to improve your business strategy

The market challenge

Risk modeling is a critical part of informed strategic planning in the finance sector but having to navigate highly complex data to get the information isn’t easy. And when the technology you’re using is outdated or inflexible, it can make the process even more expensive, lengthy, inefficient, and labor-intensive.

Alter Domus Risk Modeler

With Risk Modeler, you unlock the intelligence and insight buried in complex data for faster, easier, more accurate risk and performance modeling. Uniquely scalable and configurable, Risk Modeler’s automated end-to-end stress-testing provides transparent, timely data insights and easy-to-read visualizations to deepen your analysis, limit risk, and help you make strategic decisions with confidence.

Uncover information you might otherwise miss

Get answers to tough questions

Risk Modeler empowers and enhances your model risk management capabilities and performance. It combines top-down macro-economic factors with risk performance measures and growth models to deliver a completely integrated, end-to-end stress testing platform. Our single state-of-the-art platform provides governance, version tracking, and auditability for all risk models.

Limit your risk

Our unique solution unlocks complex data to reveal potential financial exposure and performance. You’ll have the information to limit risk and help your business thrive through data-driven strategy.

Streamline results

Real-time analytics, executive dashboards, advanced automation, and machine learning streamline operations for accelerated decision making.

Adapt to changing needs

Our easy-to-use platform combines your own bespoke data with industry data to produce smart, tailored results. Highly configurable to your company’s internal operational model, Risk Modeler can scale and adapt as your business changes or grows, minimizing cost and labor and giving you full autonomy.

Connect decision-making across your business

The platform’s integrated model aggregation supports multiple business groups including pre-pro, vision net revenue and deposit models, and generates configurable capital reports for easy cross-business synergies.

Stand-out support for your business

Risk Modeler delivers rapid results from a single process, providing easy and auditable end-to-end stress testing and regression analysis solutions for all types of risk. Automation enables straight-through-processing for better control, while sandbox capabilities allow you to run ‘what if’ scenarios for potential risk and reverse stress testing.

Select from a suite of configurable risk models for all asset classes in your loan portfolio, integrate your CECL/IFRS9 credit model, and layer in loan growth and prepayment models to enrich your stress testing scenarios and analytics.

Upload pre-defined statistical models, configure inputs, and leverage assumption-building tools to create, track, modify, and apply model assumptions with more confidence.

User-defined reports and customizable dashboards help you identify and monitor credit risk changes. Drill-down stress test results and analysis for individual portfolios. Our decision-tree algorithms allow you to evaluate multi-risk credit classification matrices.

Real-time analysis includes multiple views, configurable chart of accounts, and flexible report views, while dedicated features and functionality help you anticipate and meet future needs.

Enjoy full autonomy over your operational process for increased confidentiality and control, with a seamless, cloud-based infrastructure.

Our secured technology framework keeps information safe, with detailed tracking so you know who has accessed what.

Analyze output in easy-to-read formats to clearly define the portfolio and stress test model.

A single dashboard lets your team analyze portfolio strengths and weaknesses by providing scenario metrics, regulatory capital plans, capital ratios, net-risk weighted assets, cumulative expected losses, and asset group details.

Risk Modeler provides a complete system of record for instrument levels of credit data, assumptions, and stress testing output.

Democratize your data and improve transparency by communicating with key executives, management, and regulators through our impactful reporting options.

Easy to access and simple to use, even by teams outside the risk management function. Guided workflows and an intuitive user interface help simplify the ongoing capital planning and stress testing process.

Risk Modeler comes with Alter Domus’ exceptional relationship management and client support, from initial data migration to ongoing troubleshooting. You’re never alone if you have a question or need help.

How Risk Modeler supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Financial Officer

The challenge:
How can you understand future risks and exposures by asset class, segment, and region, while being confident of maintaining regulatory compliance for every eventuality?

The Risk Modeler solution:
Our platform elevates the model risk management function to help you better develop, deploy, run, and manage the financial risk models that support your broader financial operations.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge:
How do you construct and produce scalable, flexible risk models at speed without tying up your team in expensive, outdated and labor-intensive processes?

The Risk Modeler solution:
Our platform expands your capabilities to efficiently work with multiple data sets and models, streamlining your processes and giving your team greater confidence in the data insights and analytics shared across business.

Financial professional using our Risk Modeler tool

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Enhanced business intelligence to help you mitigate risk and maintain compliance

The market challenge

Complying with complex and ever-changing financial reporting requirements like CECL and IFRS9 creates operational and data challenges and can heighten legal and reputational risk.

Alter Domus ALLL+

Our user-friendly ALLL+ technology platform helps you anticipate and meet regulatory challenges. The only solution of its kind, ALLL+ enables modern data analytics, advanced modeling capabilities, and cost-efficient, rapid, and uniquely accurate reporting. You’ll understand your credit risk and maintain regulatory compliance, so you can seize opportunities to strengthen and grow your business with confidence.

A single platform to make the most from your data

Understand the “what ifs”

Anticipate future changes and make better decisions through analytics that provide transparency and deepened insight and unlock more value from your data.

Benchmark your performance

Combine current and historical data to build a credit model that accurately portrays your risk and allocation needs.

Modernize your allowance process

Identify and respond in real-time to non-conforming data to ensure the quality and speed of your downstream allowance process.

Protect your reputation

Reduce legal and reputational risk by complying with regulatory requirements, including CECL and IFRS9, across your business.

Save time and reduce workload

Innovative automation simplifies processes and lets you navigate concise, intuitive workflows with ease.

Stay cost-effective

Replace manual legacy systems and free up internal teams to concentrate on other tasks.

Get the best from ALLL+

We’ll help you optimize your ALLL+ use from the initial mapping of customer data to troubleshooting for data discrepancies.

Expect more from your data

ALLL+ provides real-time access to a complete system of record, including loan-level credit data and allowance estimates.

Data management streamlines the integration of multiple sources and simplifies the source-to-target mapping process with scalable user configurations.

Reduce risk and ensure data integrity for cash flow, loans, securities, and other commitments.

Streamlined workflows and user-friendly functionality take the strain out of everyday compliance.

ALLL+’s secure, robust technology framework rapidly delivers transparency and traceability throughout the allowance workflow process.

A combined advisory and technology approach ensures CECL readiness and transition, and provides gap assessments, future state roadmaps, and critical path documents.

Create user-defined reports, customizable dashboards, data diagnostics, and configurable disclosure reports to identify and monitor changes in loan characteristics, credit risk, and allowance results.

Tools to improve and support credit model assumptions, general ledger reconciliation, forecasts, and calculations.

The scenario manager helps with pool and loan-level sensitivity analysis and sandbox capabilities enabling contingency preparations for those ‘what-if’ scenarios.

How ALLL+ supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Risk Officer

The challenge:
How can you answer your next allowance question with confidence and be ready to meet future regulatory changes?

The ALLL+ solution:
ALLL+’s state-of-the-art modern platform expands to meet the needs of today’s alternatives investors, helping you anticipate and adapt to change.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer

The challenge:
How do you navigate the challenging interdependencies across governance, modeling, credit analysis, production, and financial reporting?

The ALLL+ solution:
ALLL+ provides a single user-friendly platform for data-led insight. Clear communication and accurate reporting across all areas of the business.

Preview of the ALLL+ platform

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Solvas Portfolio

Simplified, holistic asset management for a fast, effective way to derive insights and manage risk

Cut through the complexity of asset management with Solvas

Market-leading solution providing a system of administrative record and reporting for loan-level accounting information designed for fund managers and service providers. Alter Domus is proud to offer these Solvas Portfolio services via a related entity, Solvas. See for complete details.

DealFact: Private Credit Document Management

Simplified, enhanced covenant management to ensure transparency and security

The market challenge

With investor allocation to private credit at an all-time high, so are the demands on private credit teams — including having to track covenant deliverables across the portfolio and provide transparency to the entire deal team. Using outdated and ill-suited tools doesn’t help. In fact, it’s led to multiple inefficiencies and data errors, reducing transparency and increasing risk.

Alter Domus DealFact

DealFact delivers enhanced covenant management across your entire private credit portfolio, enabling you to manage vast volumes of date- and time-sensitive covenants within a single, easy-to-use interface. By streamlining your administration and simplifying complex workflows, it ensures transparency and protects you legally and reputationally.

How DealFact supports your business

Solve your unique challenges

DealFact combines fit-for-purpose software and an award-winning services organization to solve the unique challenges your in-house administration teams face — while increasing transparency and lowering costs.

Improve covenant visibility

Our easy-to-use interface provides a transparent, golden-source view of your deal portfolio for 360° covenant visibility.

Simplify deadline management

A clear, holistic view of your covenants allows you and your borrowers to identify and meet documentation deadlines effectively and on time, reducing your legal and reputational risk.

Upgrade your communications

Because DealFact stores documents throughout the loan process, you no longer need to rely on inefficient manual tracking via Excel and email. That means your team is free to add value elsewhere.

Streamline counterparty interactions

DealFact lets you give your secondary lenders and auditors access to covenant documents in real-time.

Count on our support

Our comprehensive onboarding ensures your existing loans will smoothly migrate onto the platform. After that, we’ll provide ongoing administration of your loan deliverables, taking the pressure off your internal team and extending their capacity.

Your solution for smarter administration

DealFact simplifies workflows across the life of the covenant, with a series of user-friendly steps from deal setup to deal team management.

By alerting relevant parties about key deliverables ahead of time, DealFact helps you meet every deadline, remove key person risk, raise the standard of your overall data governance, and minimize your reputational and legal risk.

You can be confident that all covenant documentation, including submissions for previous covenant due dates, is stored securely and available on demand.

Because DealFact is hosted in an encrypted, cloud-based environment, you can control access to information.

Automatic systems auditing of all actions minimizes administrative tasks and reduces your teams’ overall workload.

How DealFact supports key roles

If you’re a Head of Operations:

The challenge:
How can you guarantee the ability to set up deals at speed, manage deal teams, and review and submit documents securely — all while protecting your business legally and reputationally?

The DealFact solution:
Our user-friendly platform provides a holistic and comprehensive view of your deal portfolio that ensures transparency, prompts timely actions, and keeps deal teams informed.

If you’re a deal team member:

The challenge:
With a growing volume of loans under management, how can you ensure the accurate tracking of covenant deliverables, chase documents, and meet deadlines effectively?

The DealFact solution:
DealFact stores and manages documents in a single, intuitive platform that automatically identifies and meets documentation deadlines. Automatic systems auditing of all actions increases peace of mind.

Preview of our Dealfact platform, covenant management tool

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Credit-Vision: Private Credit Portfolio

Streamlined operations and analysis for smarter investment strategies

The market challenge

With the explosion in private credit fund investment, demands on private credit teams are at an all-time high. Saddled with obsolete technology, obtaining information on multiple companies and efficiently monitoring investments can be overwhelming. As analysts track dozens of portfolio company data rooms, download PDFs, and manually input data into their credit models, the possibility of human error increases — impacting data accuracy and leading to an impaired view of credit risk and quality.

Credit-Vision from Alter Domus

An integrated SaaS and managed data service, Credit-Vision streamlines operations and reduces complexity throughout the credit cycle to deliver accurate, structured, and traceable data. By consolidating asset data into a single platform, it provides your credit teams with intuitive visualization and analysis. You’ll have deeper insight into asset-level performance for greater confidence.

One platform for better insight into asset-level performance

Empower your credit teams

Credit-Vision normalizes borrower financial statements into a common chart of accounts across your portfolio.

Improve business-wide capability

Working on a common platform enables smarter, more comprehensive analysis. Your deal teams can more easily collaborate across the portfolio, and portfolio managers can better understand their holdings.

Harmonize your data

Our managed services team will migrate your key data onto the platform as part of our white-glove onboarding. New documentation is collected from multiple internal and external sources and passed into our automated extraction engine, rationalizing differences in data documentation and reporting. The result is easy access to harmonized, structured data, all in one place.

Boost data accuracy

With data accuracy at over 99.9%, Credit-Vision brings a new level of certainty to assessing trends and issues, meaning it’s ideal for your portfolio managers, credit analysts, business analysts, and operations managers.

Gain deeper insight

Credit-Vision delivers reliable data consistent with in-house models and calculations. You’ll have deeper insight into asset level performance — and free up valuable time previously spent on manual data preparation.

Increase accountability

Credit-Vision provides your analysts with full data traceability. They’ll understand the formulas used to construct KPIs and have access to the underlying source documents for raw data values.

The information you need, now

Credit-Vision ingests corporate debt and financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, debt breakdown, and covenant compliance certificates, provided monthly or quarterly.

A fully streamlined process leverages machine learning, automation, and domain expertise to deliver data faster.

Trace backward from our standardized chart of accounts into the management account view and ultimately back to source documents.

Leverage robust, high-performance data and computing technology to find insights in data that might otherwise go unnoticed.

By intuitively generating engaging charts, dashboards, and snapshots of your portfolios, Credit-Vision provides faster, simpler analysis.

How Credit-Vision supports key roles

If you’re a Portfolio Manager

The challenge:
How do you secure accurate, accessible data to understand asset-level performance and risk exposure in real-time across your entire portfolio?

The Credit-Vision solution:
Data delivered in a common chart of accounts across time allows you to assess leaders and laggards using a consistent analytical view.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer

The challenge:
How can you scale sustainably while managing a growing number of financial statements and still make informed investment decisions for your clients?

The Credit-Vision solution:
Clean, fit-for-purpose data is delivered to deal team members in hours, not days.

Screenshot of our Credit-Vision tool

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