Managing security risks allows fund executives to take advantage of AI opportunities

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Considering the transformational possibilities of artificial intelligence on fund operations —the right applications can do everything from reduce costs to help generate new revenue — it may come as a surprise that only 14% of fund executives surveyed by information service Private Funds CFO have implemented AI technology into their portfolio companies. Perhaps more startling is that more than half of respondents said they had no plans to adopt AI in the next year.

For Alter Domus Head of AI and Automation Davendra Patel, that looks like a missed opportunity, especially with areas such as risk management, due diligence, and performance tracking ripe for AI integration.

In a recent interview with Private Funds CFO, Patel said that in the current economic climate, AI is a pivotal tool for gaining a competitive advantage. That’s a view his own company has taken to heart: Alter Domus has created its own versions of ChatGPT and integrated generative AI to automate data from various sources, providing real-time information and insights to clients.

Patel, who has 30 years of experience in IT, acknowledges the potential security risks around AI, including the threat of shared information becoming leaked information. By developing proprietary tools, Alter Domus has optimized data safety. In addition, in-house experts continuously monitor the Alter Domus system for vulnerabilities and breaches.

We focus on regular reviews, audits, and ethical considerations to ensure AI’s responsible and safe deployment,” Patel told Private Funds CFO.

It’s essential to balance AI’s potential with practicality, focusing on both immediate gains and long-term benefits.

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