Simplified ELTIF rules create opportunity

Simplifying European Long-Term Investment Fund regulations is expected to make it easier for investors to access private assets, but will it live up to its promise of enabling more players to enter the market?

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In the February 2024 edition of Private Equity International, Alter Domus Group Head of Product Development Antonis Anastasiou is among those weighing in on ELTIF 2.0.

Some observers say that despite the new rules, ELTIF remains a highly regulated regime with high barriers to entry and the advantages apply only to EU customers and retail segments. By contrast, Anastasiou says ELTIF 2.0 is a win-win for US asset managers:

“The ELTIF 2.0 setup gives US asset managers, for example, a regulated fund regime that they know here in Europe and that they can invest into as a parallel sleeve to the US master fund.”

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Anastasiou says the managers he’s spoken to are looking at a minimum launch size of €200 million-€500 million, while target sizes are expected to quickly move to the €1 billion-€2 billion range.

Read the complete article on the PEI website.

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Antonis Anastasiou

Antonis Anastasiou


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