Lodging a complaint

Alter Domus takes complaints of customers very seriously.

Alter Domus takes complaints of customers very seriously. 

For Alter Domus, a complaint is defined as any formal expression of a customer about a material or significant grievance in services being provided by Alter Domus. Complaints can be received in writing via email but also via a letter or telephone call to our London office (you can view the address and phone number of the office here). If you wish to submit a complaint via e-mail, you can do so by sending the details to the following address: [email protected]. Please make sure to include the following details:

  • Name of your company being serviced by Alter Domus;
  • Your name, surname and contact details to receive a reply:
  • Alter Domus jurisdiction servicing your company:
  • Details of your complaint.

The Chief Risk Officer is in charge to review the email received and forward it to the appropriate Engagement Leader.

When receiving a complaint from the customer, the Engagement Leader will escalate to the most appropriate senior management official locally in charge of complaint management.

Alter Domus takes customer complaints seriously, irrespective of what the conclusion might be. Alter Domus values our customers’ complaints and is willing to investigate formally, solve or amend where necessary any erroneous processes, procedures or standard practices.

Following the submission of your complaint, you will receive a written acknowledgement within 10 business days maximum. In case the issue can be resolved immediately, the written acknowledgement will also include Alter Domus’ proposed response to your complaint and a request for your agreement to have the matter settled.

A complaint will always be followed up formally and formal feedback is always given to the customer.  To demonstrate our goal, to consistently provide good quality, complaints will always be managed by the Country Executive.  Alter Domus is committed to send you a final response to your complaint. Your written confirmation will be requested before we can consider the complaint as closed.

Wish to file a complaint? Please click here.