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What are AIFM Services?

To safeguard assets, every European alternative investment fund requires professional management. But setting up an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) is time-consuming and costly, especially if you don’t know the regulatory landscape, and it can distract from the essential task of raising and investing capital. By providing tailored solutions from pre-launch services to regulatory reporting, Alter Domus keeps you moving forward. Domiciling in Luxembourg also allows non-European investment managers to access the EU investor base.

Bespoke AIFM services, from onboarding to business-as-usual

Domicile in Luxembourg for EU reach

Alter Domus’ AIFM services provide efficient and cost-effective access to European fundraising and marketing.

Get support from the start

Hit the ground running. We provide turnkey pre-launch support, including helping you select fund structures and jurisdiction.

Find interested investors

Our pre-marketing activities include facilitating early-stage conversations with prospective investors, saving you time and effort.

Reduce risk

We’ll ensure you meet SFDR, fund delegate, and other requirements and fulfill all regulatory reporting obligations.

Build a sustainable future in Luxembourg

We’ll support your marketing efforts, including taking care of registrations with local regulators.

You’ll work with specialists who understand fund structures, asset valuation, and the investment product, ensuring a more efficient operating model.

When you have questions or concerns, your AIFM lead will be easy to reach and ready to respond.

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