A web-based portal for 24/7 insight into trade settlement status

What is CorTrade?

Uncertainty hurts trade settlements. Transparency enables them. CorTrade is a web-based portal that keeps credit and operational teams in the know about the current state of each trade. You’ll access real-time data and reports so you’ll know which trades require attention, which are nearing settlement, and which may close under cash limitations or other strategic constraints. Armed with information, you’ll avoid unnecessary delays and eliminate the inefficiencies that stem from miscommunications.

An automated solution that streamlines workflow and communications

Stay current

With CorTrade, you’ll know in an instant the status of all open trades — while leaving the actual trade settlement responsibilities to Alter Domus.

Optimize insights

Pull information on specific trade details as well as more general trends across trades, counterparties, and agent banks.

Avoid human error

CorTrade replaces Excel spreadsheets and emails to reduce the risk of mistakes and communication gaps.

Enable smart decisions

By calculating daily cash availability according to current trade status, CorTrade ensures your operations team will always know your liquidity needs.

Head off delays

CorTrade helps you understand what’s behind settlement delays, so you (and we) have the power to fix things.

Work from a simple dashboard

Store, access, and review all trade settlement information in one secure place, and work from a simple dashboard.

Rapid, transparent settlement updates

Keep stakeholders informed, night or day, with on-demand reporting.

CorTrade automatically sends reports and messages to all parties — and lets recipients reformat and forward to keep everyone in the loop.

CorTrade can easily adapt to your workflow and reporting needs.

With CorTrade, you’ll easily review historical trade details across any combination of data points, getting a glimpse into the future.

CorTrade provides the documents, approvals, and access to help you prepare if there’s ever an audit.

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