Credit-Vision: Private Credit Portfolio

Streamlined operations and analysis for smarter investment strategies

The market challenge

With the explosion in private credit fund investment, demands on private credit teams are at an all-time high. Saddled with obsolete technology, obtaining information on multiple companies and efficiently monitoring investments can be overwhelming. As analysts track dozens of portfolio company data rooms, download PDFs, and manually input data into their credit models, the possibility of human error increases — impacting data accuracy and leading to an impaired view of credit risk and quality.

Credit-Vision from Alter Domus

An integrated SaaS and managed data service, Credit-Vision streamlines operations and reduces complexity throughout the credit cycle to deliver accurate, structured, and traceable data. By consolidating asset data into a single platform, it provides your credit teams with intuitive visualization and analysis. You’ll have deeper insight into asset-level performance for greater confidence.

One platform for better insight into asset-level performance

Empower your credit teams

Credit-Vision normalizes borrower financial statements into a common chart of accounts across your portfolio.

Improve business-wide capability

Working on a common platform enables smarter, more comprehensive analysis. Your deal teams can more easily collaborate across the portfolio, and portfolio managers can better understand their holdings.

Harmonize your data

Our managed services team will migrate your key data onto the platform as part of our white-glove onboarding. New documentation is collected from multiple internal and external sources and passed into our automated extraction engine, rationalizing differences in data documentation and reporting. The result is easy access to harmonized, structured data, all in one place.

Boost data accuracy

With data accuracy at over 99.9%, Credit-Vision brings a new level of certainty to assessing trends and issues, meaning it’s ideal for your portfolio managers, credit analysts, business analysts, and operations managers.

Gain deeper insight

Credit-Vision delivers reliable data consistent with in-house models and calculations. You’ll have deeper insight into asset level performance — and free up valuable time previously spent on manual data preparation.

Increase accountability

Credit-Vision provides your analysts with full data traceability. They’ll understand the formulas used to construct KPIs and have access to the underlying source documents for raw data values.

The information you need, now

Credit-Vision ingests corporate debt and financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, debt breakdown, and covenant compliance certificates, provided monthly or quarterly.

A fully streamlined process leverages machine learning, automation, and domain expertise to deliver data faster.

Trace backward from our standardized chart of accounts into the management account view and ultimately back to source documents.

Leverage robust, high-performance data and computing technology to find insights in data that might otherwise go unnoticed.

By intuitively generating engaging charts, dashboards, and snapshots of your portfolios, Credit-Vision provides faster, simpler analysis.

How Credit-Vision supports key roles

If you’re a Portfolio Manager

The challenge:
How do you secure accurate, accessible data to understand asset-level performance and risk exposure in real-time across your entire portfolio?

The Credit-Vision solution:
Data delivered in a common chart of accounts across time allows you to assess leaders and laggards using a consistent analytical view.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer

The challenge:
How can you scale sustainably while managing a growing number of financial statements and still make informed investment decisions for your clients?

The Credit-Vision solution:
Clean, fit-for-purpose data is delivered to deal team members in hours, not days.

Screenshot of our Credit-Vision tool

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