Entity Formation

Comprehensive support to get your corporate entity up and running quickly

What are Entity Formation services?

The process of establishing a corporate entity isn’t easy, especially when missteps can open the door to future risk. Alter Domus’ dedicated onboarding teams combine diligence, accuracy, and efficiency so you can get to business faster — confident everything has been set up accurately from the start. We know your business and your timelines, and we manage every step.

Get up and running faster

Simplify your set-up

A specialist team will support you at each stage of the entity formation process. They’ll help you get everything in place without delay, including service agreements, bank accounts, and FATCA Classification and Certification. And they’ll ensure you’re meeting regulatory filing requirements.

Cut through the clutter

Leave the intricacies of preparing core constitutional documents to us, so you can focus on your fund.

Avoid risk

Entity formation is an intense process that requires meticulous detail. With Alter Domus by your side, you can be confident that we know the steps. We also perform periodic KYC reviews to further ensure compliance.

Get help wherever you are

A single, dedicated team will drive the process, so you’ll always know where to go for answers. Your centralized team understands your industry standards and requirements, ensuring a consistent approach from day one.

Leverage our connections

Our relationships with key banking partners in your industry means operational efficiencies from the start.

All the details, none of the delays

Our streamlined approach means your entity can begin investing as quickly as possible.

Efficient, effective, compliant set-up is the foundation for a risk-proof future.

Our dedicated onboarding team will ensure you’re in contact with the right people at the right time, helping you keep moving forward.

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