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Greater data speed and accuracy for efficient decision making

The market challenge

As alternative assets have grown, so has the volume of associated financial data, but data analysis has never been more important. And because much of it is non-standard or unstructured, even expert credit analysts can struggle to find meaningful insights — and many outsourcing providers don’t have the ability to work with it at all.  That means the information that could lead to better decisions is overlooked or underestimated.

Digitize-Corporate Financials

Digitize-Corporate Financials combines intelligent automation with Alter Domus’ domain expertise to deliver fast, scalable, and accurate data extraction. That means it provides you with a clear understanding of asset performance and risk exposure, while reducing complexity, analysis, and costs.

As you build on your successes and look to scale your assets, Digitize-Corporate Financials grows with you. You’ll have a universal and unimpeded view of your portfolio, regardless of size.  

Our Solution

Discover how Alter Domus’ Digitize Corporate Financials solution leverages advanced automation and machine learning to transform unstructured data – from cash flow statements to income statements – into valuable insights, enhancing portfolio visibility and decision-making.

More insight with less work means efficient decision making

Count on accurate data

Because we train our technology on millions of financial statements, it delivers highly reliable data for an accurate view of your portfolio today, and as it grows.

Compare economic cycles

Be able to precisely compare and analyze performance through economic cycles and empower your team to speak with portfolio company CEOs in their own language.  

Compare portfolio performance

Extracted information is mapped to a universal chart of accounts using an automated ruleset defined by you or Alter Domus. That makes it easier for you to compare performance across all portfolio companies over time.

Improve insight and analysis

By automatically processing the data restatement from pro forma reports as available and providing period-to-period change information, Digitize-Corporate Financials identifies reporting outliers.

Free your teams to add value

With less labor-intensive work on their hands, your teams can concentrate on high-value strategic activities.

Efficient decision making through data analysis

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A proprietary solution for data analysis & insights

User-defined files work with your existing applications in a variety of formats. You choose the view – either as-reported, management, or universal.

Your data is fully ready for import and analysis and can be delivered to any downstream system, from monitoring and reporting platforms to data warehouses and accounting.

Our in-house domain experts carry out quality checks and sign-off to ensure you always benefit from the highest quality, accurate data.

How Digitize-Corporate Financials supports key roles

If you’re a Portfolio Manager:

The challenge:
How do you secure accurate, accessible data to understand asset-level performance and risk exposure in real-time across your entire portfolio?

The Digitize-Corporate Financials solution:
Data delivered in a common chart of accounts across time allows you to assess leaders and laggards using a consistent analytical view.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge:
How can you scale sustainability while managing a growing number of financial statements and still make informed investment decisions for your clients?

The Digitize-Corporate Financials solution:
Deliver clean, fit-for-purpose data to deal team members in hours rather than days.

Infographic: Understand the workflow

Via automation, machine learning and our data science team, Digitize-Corporate Financials can rewrite the story of your data.

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