Capital Administration

A scalable solution for waterfall calculations and carried interest allocations, enabling you to analyze and leverage your data

What is Capital Administration?

Reporting accuracy is everything, but spreadsheets can only take you so far, especially when you’re trying to manage complicated waterfall and carry structures. Our fully automated CapAssure platform provides a deeper understanding of your financial processes, with advanced reporting at the portfolio, investor, deal, GP member, or even tax lot level. Our Capital Administration team has onboarded more than 150 funds from $150M to $20B in assets under management.

Streamlining complexity throughout your fund’s lifecycle

Ensure accuracy and auditability

Your data becomes a digitized source of truth within a secure, resilient platform compliant with your fund’s LPA.

Tailored waterfall calculations and carry plan allocation recommendations

Through our in-depth LPA analysis, we can recommend the most suitable methods to structure your waterfall and carry plans.

Powerful forecasting capabilities

Forecasting capabilities that allow you to project out fund performance at the level of granularity required to manage complex, dynamic businesses.

Better solutions, now

Over the past two decades, we’ve developed a library of steps to nearly eliminate coding times, swiftly build waterfall structures, and help execute the onboarding processes efficiently.

Avoid the “black box” opacity

Our customer portal provides transparency so you’ll see and understand inputs, calculations, and amounts at a granular level.

High-value solutions mean savings

We deliver consistent, complex calculations, saving you the expense of developing in-house solutions.

Support you know and trust

You’ll work with the same dedicated team throughout the fund’s lifecycle. That’s our guarantee of personalized service.

Eliminate operational complexity

Our versatile GAAP-based platform uses data across multiple fund strategies, from private debt to real assets and private equity.

Full integration across legal, regulatory, accounting, and technology functions means you’ll work with a team that understands the complexities of your business.

SaaS and service-based capital administration with SOC-1 accreditation for your peace of mind.

Choose between an effortless data transfer from your general ledger or an automated mapping approach for a smooth integration.

Improve your financial planning and analysis with our comprehensive Capital Forecasting Module, which offers full visibility into expenses, capital allocations, waterfall structures, general partner carries, and clawbacks.

Easily overcome the challenges of hiring from a competitive labor market.

Industry-leading portfolio reporting, analytics, and metrics at the fund, industry, limited partner, or custom-defined levels.

Supporting gross and net internal rates of return and investment multiples.

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