Fund Formation

The foundation to launch funds quickly and accurately

What is Fund Formation?

Fund formation details — onboarding and KYC, regulatory compliance, bank account and service agreement management, FATCA, and CRS Classification — can’t be overlooked but can be cumbersome and cause delays. We step in and manage the process to guide you accurately through the set-up process so you can start operating as soon as possible.

Never miss a step while launching your fund

Work with global specialists

Our footprint across North America, EMEA, and APAC ensures seamless support in multiple jurisdictions. You’ll work with the same people worldwide.

Improve speed to market

Our specialists understand structures and timelines and can help you get up and running faster.

Meet regulatory requirements

We’ll take care of the excessive start-up paperwork and regulatory filings, so you can focus on your fund.

Be compliant

We’ll ensure your fund is set up properly, following steps according to set procedures.

Enhance efficiency

By leveraging existing relationships with our key suppliers, your formation process will be smooth and efficient.

Know where to get help

With a dedicated and responsive single point of contact, the answers you need are as close as an email or a phone call away.

The right process from start to finish

You’ll work with the right people at the right time throughout the fund formation process.

We line up the process step-by-step to clearly define the path to success, so you’ll only have to focus on your core work at any given time.

Setting up your funds properly from the start avoids problems such as onboarding complexities and service agreement disputes, and ensures regulatory compliance among many others.