Asset-Based Loan Servicing

Comprehensive ABL support so you can take advantage of market opportunities

What is Asset-Based Loan Servicing?

Asset-based lending is booming, but the daily responsibilities of asset-based loan servicing can be a barrier to entry for lenders without sufficient staff or systems. It takes at least three people to appropriately run the back-office operations for the first loan. Alter Domus helps you cost-effectively participate in asset-based lending by handling all the necessary operational details — collateral monitoring, loan servicing, cash management, and more.

People and services positioning you for growth

Count on our experts

We do more than just service the loan. We review and validate collateral information and identify potential performance issues for quick response.

Cut your costs

You won’t have to hire or manage an expensive staff or incur the costs associated with running a book of business or your own collateral system.

Boost collateral confidence

Our systems efficiently process collateral data to meet credit monitoring requirements.

Retain control

We don’t make credit decisions or assume risk — you approve everything we do first.

Thrive in the ABL market with the only third-party ABL servicer in the US

Using this industry-known system makes it easier to track collateral and make wise lending decisions – all based on real-time information.

We handle it all to ensure consistency and correctness.

We service the loan and the collateral and offer cash management and underwriting support.

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