Borrowing Base Administration

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What Is Borrowing Base Administration?

Ensuring collateral compliance to maintain financing against a portfolio of loan investments is a challenging bit of business. Risk surrounds the calculation process: Misstate borrowing availability — even through something as simple as a spreadsheet error — and it can have serious economic implications. On top of that, each lender has different requirements. Alter Domus provides the operational expertise to help you navigate complexities and avoid negative consequences.

Bespoke services to ensure loan compliance

Reduce the heavy lifting

We do the calculations for you based on our internally created loan data and compliance models within our core systems.

Access expertise

Because we’ve worked with a wide range of lenders worldwide, we can ensure you’ll meet unique reporting and tracking requirements.

Leverage credible underlying data

Our in-system approach captures and tracks all relevant portfolio asset characteristics, senior debt, and other essential attributes that drive calculations — and completeness.

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