CLO Manager Services

A comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective approach to reduce risk

What are CLO Manager Services?

Managing CLOs is a nuanced, difficult, and often risky process, especially for in-house personnel without experience. Your dedicated Alter Domus team will provide comprehensive operational support that goes beyond core loan servicing tasks — including ensuring you are managing your portfolio within all governing guidelines, helping you understand the impact of hypothetical trades, and ensuring your trustees’ data is in line.

Not just technology — support from experienced professionals

Draw on specialized expertise

Unlike tech companies that only provide software, with Alter Domus you’ll also have the full support of a dedicated, expert team.

Leave errors and inconsistency behind

We’ve equipped our experts with scalable technology specific to CLO administration, assuring high-quality customized reports.

Streamline your processes

You’ll streamline your compliance, portfolio, and trading processes throughout the CLO lifecycle.

Grow without expanding payroll

In-house experts are hard to find. Alter Domus puts the right people on your account to rein in payroll costs.

Around the clock support

Our teams in North America, EMEA and APAC know your needs and your jurisdiction. You’ll always have access to support.

Daily diligence to improve your confidence

We work every day with your trustees to ensure accurate, effective portfolio management.

Everything from cash balance information to trade activity reports will adhere to governing documents, upholding your business reputation.

We’ll ensure you meet rating agency standards and requirements.

Navigate complexity without having to hire, train, and retain your own staff — no matter how large you get.

Wherever you are, you’ll work with one team organized to meet your needs and improve your productivity.

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