Loan Administration

Loan specialists reducing risk and cost through best-practice workflows and automation and market coverage

What is Loan Administration?

Because the loan asset class is so nuanced from an operational standpoint, it can be expensive and risky to manage all the details in-house. Our experienced operations team understands the asset class and how loans work, so they can relieve the pressure. Equipped with proprietary technology, they provide a cost-effective and scalable solution that includes tracking, reconciliation, and reporting.

An integrated approach for effective portfolio management

Overcome challenges

Our specialists know loan administration and the full asset range. Their proven experience eliminates errors and ensures timely reporting.

Save money on tech

Licensing reporting technology from the vendor is expensive. We shave costs by licensing industry-leading, asset class-specific technology for you.

Avoid growing pains

As you add different asset classes and fund strategies or expand your geographic reach, your Alter Domus team will grow alongside you.

Access expertise

Our global footprint means expert loan administration is within reach with teams in APAC, Europe, and North America.

Loan administration simplified

You’ll receive customized daily cash, position reconciliation, and other reports.

You’ll access on-demand insights, customizable reports, and multi-source analyses through CorPro, our secure, proprietary web portal.

Your dedicated Alter Domus team has a single purpose: supporting your business.

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