Loan Servicing

Purpose-built systems and teams to ensure compliance and operational efficiency

What is Loan Servicing?

It takes specialized knowledge to understand the nuances of error-free loan servicing — plus time, effort, and money to keep up with technological and operational demands. As experts servicing SBA, real estate, commercial, and distressed loans, we can handle everything from fund aggregation to waterfall and escrow administration to workout strategies. That eliminates the burdens on your business, so you can concentrate on delivering returns to investors.

No hiring, no training, lower costs, less risk

Get it right

Loan servicing is complex, and errors can be costly. Our technology-backed experts make things right from the start.

End the talent scramble

In-house turnover decreases efficiency and borrower confidence. Our dedicated teams are here to stay, supporting you throughout the loan lifecycle.

Streamline SBA loan reporting

SBA loan reporting requirements are burdensome, but our technology makes 1502 and 172 reporting error-free and fast.

Optimize special asset management

Our fit-for-purpose service, available on a full portfolio or one-off basis, guarantees appropriate workout strategies for closure, loan modification, forbearance, and bankruptcy.

Ensure credit due diligence

Our teams provide underwriting support, post-closing credit reviews, covenant monitoring, and construction draw administration.

Concentrate on yields

When you outsource loan servicing tasks, you can spend your time and resources focusing on growth.

A scalable, efficient solution

When it comes to pulling all capital needs into a central location at closing, we’re faster than a bank or law firm.

Because our advanced technology accommodates the nuances of different loan types, you avoid errors and reduce the risk of financial consequences.

We seamlessly perform all key loan servicing duties — from aggregating funds to providing escrow and cash management — and will grow as your portfolio does.

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