Trade Settlement

Mitigate the risk of delayed settlements, costly errors, and financial loss, while adding immediate operational capacity with our experienced teams

What are Trade Settlement Services?

Settling loan trades is a manual process that has to meet specific market-based requirements. The absence of adequate procedures can lead to wasted time and money, especially when loans are settled by novices. The Alter Domus specialist team leverages experience, technology, and relationships with trade counterparties, agent banks, and third-party settlement agents to efficiently manage trade settlement in the primary and secondary markets.

Timely and accurate solutions for better oversight

Overlook nothing

Regular reconciliations and dual approvals ensure you never overlook a deadline or miss a discrepancy.

Access all the data

Our technology lets you access real-time data and provides metrics for all tracked data, including bank and counterparty trends.

Grow comfortably

As your business grows, your Alter Domus team will too, always keeping up with your needs.

Close with confidence

You need a closer who is focused and committed to settlements. Our highly specialized settlement professionals are committed to ensuring your trades are closed efficiently and without issues.

Reduce effort

Our value-added services — signing Powers of Attorney, KYC document distribution and tracking, and cash versus settlement analysis — will fit seamlessly into your processes.

Leave the details to us

No one else offers experienced professionals who specialize only in trade settlement plus unique technology solutions.

KYC is an important part of trade settlement. Your dedicated team will ensure that all KYC documents are archived and provided to agent banks and counterparties.

We process manual trades and also use settlement platforms. Either way, you’re assured end-to-end accuracy.

No matter what type of trades you’re initiating, whether they’re distressed, par, equity, or trade claims, we have the experience to support them.

As active members of LSTA and LMA, our specialists are on the leading edge of the industry, helping develop standards and market practices.

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