Real Asset Servicing

Simplifying your operations through customized services

What is Real Asset Servicing?

Complex transactions mean complex operations. By coordinating investor transactions across the layered structure, Alter Domus simplifies your day-to-day activities — and helps you optimize your portfolio, enhance asset performance, and maximize returns. We provide comprehensive fund administration, including for SPVs, dedicated investor services, corporate secretarial, and more. Our strong local knowledge across jurisdictions ensures regulatory compliance in every market.

Full coverage, no matter how you structure your investments

Work with specialists

Our 1,600-plus real asset experts share your focus. We’ll customize our teams, processes, and platforms to meet your sub-asset and other requirements.

Unleash a single-source solution

Get all the support you need: We service all vehicles from the fund down to the asset and across jurisdictions.

Enhance investor satisfaction

Comprehensive investor services, including investor relations services, help you improve transparency and responsiveness, and build trust.

Make the data talk

Alter Domus’ state-of-the-art technology provides unparalleled insight for better, more competitive decision-making

Remain compliant

We know the regulatory and tax reporting pressures international fund managers face. On-the-ground support helps ensure compliance.

Boosting your efficiency and performance in real assets

Vertical integration means we service the full structure: fund vehicles, tax blockers, GPs, carry structures, property companies, debt companies, and more.

Our coverage map covers the world. You’ll never worry about where your support is coming from.

We can lift out your in-house operations to reduce payroll and help you reallocate your resources.

Alter Domus offers advanced technology platforms to facilitate seamless data management, reporting, and analytics.

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Anita Lyse

Anita Lyse


Global Sector Head, Real Assets

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