ALLL+ Platform – Allowance for Credit Losses

Leverage our cutting-edge Allowance Platform to optimize your data and stay compliant with various financial standards

Our ALLL+ platform supports CECL, IFRS9, and more, ensuring you have the tools you need to comply with financial standards and regulatory requirements, make informed decisions, and manage risk effectively. The user-friendly, state-of-the-art technology boasts advanced modeling capabilities providing transparency, traceability, consistency, and configurability in one unified platform.


1. Streamlined Compliance

Our platform simplifies the process of adhering to the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) and International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS9) regulations.

2. Advanced Analytics

Utilize powerful analytics to estimate credit losses, assess portfolio trends, and make data-driven decisions.

3. Customizable Models

Tailor your CECL or IFRS9 models to your organization’s unique needs and risk appetite.

4. Comprehensive Reporting

ALLL+ includes numerous standard reports for summarizing and analyzing results, change attribution, data integrity, diagnostics, and audit controls. Configurable dashboards and self-service custom reports are also integrated in the platform.

5. Forward-Looking Insights

Gain valuable insights into expected credit losses with our predictive analytics capabilities.

6. Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing systems to enhance your financial reporting process.

Key Features

  • Single Integrated Platform: End-to-end credit modeling, disclosure reporting, and analytics.
  • Data Quality: Identify and respond in real-time to non-conforming data.
  • Analytics: Gain transparency and deepened insight to unlock more value from your data.
  • Scenario Manager: Easily assess the impact of changes and plan for all eventualities using the scenario manager module.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Measure period changes, risk classification movements, sensitivity behavior, and allowance results. Attribution analysis for both pool and loan level details which identifies the drivers of the allowance change.
  • Back-testing: Evaluate and compare the performance of your credit and risk model to assess the models’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Model Transparency: Traceability and auditability from pool to loan level details.
  • Access Controls: Customize and manage user roles. SOC 1 compliant solution.
  • Environment: Azure cloud SOC 2 compliant.
  • Credit Modeling: Integrate macro views, qualitative factor matrix, cash flow projections, and sensitivity analysis for all asset classes.
  • Allowance Process: The end-to-end allowance process has been tested, audited and validated independently by our clients with great success.
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