Enhanced business intelligence to help you mitigate risk and maintain compliance

The market challenge

Complying with complex and ever-changing financial reporting requirements like CECL and IFRS9 creates operational and data challenges and can heighten legal and reputational risk.

Alter Domus ALLL+

Our user-friendly ALLL+ technology platform helps you anticipate and meet regulatory challenges. The only solution of its kind, ALLL+ enables modern data analytics, advanced modeling capabilities, and cost-efficient, rapid, and uniquely accurate reporting. You’ll understand your credit risk and maintain regulatory compliance, so you can seize opportunities to strengthen and grow your business with confidence.

A single platform to make the most from your data

Understand the “what ifs”

Anticipate future changes and make better decisions through analytics that provide transparency and deepened insight and unlock more value from your data.

Benchmark your performance

Combine current and historical data to build a credit model that accurately portrays your risk and allocation needs.

Modernize your allowance process

Identify and respond in real-time to non-conforming data to ensure the quality and speed of your downstream allowance process.

Protect your reputation

Reduce legal and reputational risk by complying with regulatory requirements, including CECL and IFRS9, across your business.

Save time and reduce workload

Innovative automation simplifies processes and lets you navigate concise, intuitive workflows with ease.

Stay cost-effective

Replace manual legacy systems and free up internal teams to concentrate on other tasks.

Get the best from ALLL+

We’ll help you optimize your ALLL+ use from the initial mapping of customer data to troubleshooting for data discrepancies.

Expect more from your data

ALLL+ provides real-time access to a complete system of record, including loan-level credit data and allowance estimates.

Data management streamlines the integration of multiple sources and simplifies the source-to-target mapping process with scalable user configurations.

Reduce risk and ensure data integrity for cash flow, loans, securities, and other commitments.

Streamlined workflows and user-friendly functionality take the strain out of everyday compliance.

ALLL+’s secure, robust technology framework rapidly delivers transparency and traceability throughout the allowance workflow process.

A combined advisory and technology approach ensures CECL readiness and transition, and provides gap assessments, future state roadmaps, and critical path documents.

Create user-defined reports, customizable dashboards, data diagnostics, and configurable disclosure reports to identify and monitor changes in loan characteristics, credit risk, and allowance results.

Tools to improve and support credit model assumptions, general ledger reconciliation, forecasts, and calculations.

The scenario manager helps with pool and loan-level sensitivity analysis and sandbox capabilities enabling contingency preparations for those ‘what-if’ scenarios.

How ALLL+ supports key roles

If you’re a Chief Risk Officer

The challenge:
How can you answer your next allowance question with confidence and be ready to meet future regulatory changes?

The ALLL+ solution:
ALLL+’s state-of-the-art modern platform expands to meet the needs of today’s alternatives investors, helping you anticipate and adapt to change.

If you’re a Chief Operating Officer

The challenge:
How do you navigate the challenging interdependencies across governance, modeling, credit analysis, production, and financial reporting?

The ALLL+ solution:
ALLL+ provides a single user-friendly platform for data-led insight. Clear communication and accurate reporting across all areas of the business.

Preview of the ALLL+ platform

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