Third generation fund operations for private equity

The digitization of administration

The transformation of private equity fund administration

Whether it’s a traditional fund or secondaries structure, the reporting and fund accounting infrastructure that would have been perfectly adequate to administer a private equity fund 15-years ago is now no longer fit for purpose. We have now entered the 3rd generation of fund operations within which best-in-class technology and digitally powered fund operations have become essential for asset managers in the space.

For private equity fund administration, clients of Alter Domus are now able to utilize Digital Workflows Application to manage the growth and complexity of their portfolios.

This digitized workflow is designed to handle the data volume and complexity of PE funds, and harnesses automation and AI to build a “digital bridge” between client and fund administrator. It has helped our clients improve operational efficiency and transparency across their portfolios, end reliance on outdated communication channels and collate data into an analysis-ready single source of truth.

Digital Workflows Application

Private equity markets stand on the cusp of great change. Changing market size and conditions. Changing investor demands. Changing regulations. Underpinning the path to success in this era of change is the need for new technology to help manage and administer funds of all sizes. Technology that enables transparency and collaboration. Technology that enables actionable, accurate digital data for reporting and analysis. Technology that utilizes automation and AI. That technology has arrived: learn more about Alter Domus’ Digital Workflows Application for private equity in this video.

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The evolution of fund administration

By any measure, the ongoing growth and increasing prominence of private markets in the last two decades has been phenomenal. What is perhaps less understood by outside observers is how significantly the way asset managers administrate their funds has evolved. Here we document how we have entered the 3rd generation of fund operations, where technology is the enabler of future growth.

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Private capital’s technology tipping point

Corporate history is littered with examples of companies that dominated their industries but ultimately paid the price for neglecting to embrace technology and innovation. Alter Domus’ CTO Demetry Zilberg outlines how private capital is now facing a similar technology tipping point. He analyzes where technology is transforming how private markets managers run their businesses, and how Alter Domus is empowering our clients with 3rd generation fund-ops capabilities.

Third generation of fund operations

Alex Traub, Chief Commercial Officer at Alter Domus, outlines how fund operations within the alternative asset industry have evolved over the last 25 years. Crucially, he details how we are at the dawn of what we term the “3rd Generation” of fund ops where technology has come to the fore.

Alter Domus, automation and artificial intelligence

In this video, Alter Domus’ Head of Automation and AI, Davendra Patel, outlines what we believe are the opportunities for automation and AI in alternative markets, as well as outlining how we are deploying this tech in our products and services.

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