DealFact: Private Credit Document Management

Simplified, enhanced covenant management to ensure transparency and security

The market challenge

With investor allocation to private credit at an all-time high, so are the demands on private credit teams — including having to track covenant deliverables across the portfolio and provide transparency to the entire deal team. Using outdated and ill-suited tools doesn’t help. In fact, it’s led to multiple inefficiencies and data errors, reducing transparency and increasing risk.

Alter Domus DealFact

DealFact delivers enhanced covenant management across your entire private credit portfolio, enabling you to manage vast volumes of date- and time-sensitive covenants within a single, easy-to-use interface. By streamlining your administration and simplifying complex workflows, it ensures transparency and protects you legally and reputationally.

How DealFact supports your business

Solve your unique challenges

DealFact combines fit-for-purpose software and an award-winning services organization to solve the unique challenges your in-house administration teams face — while increasing transparency and lowering costs.

Improve covenant visibility

Our easy-to-use interface provides a transparent, golden-source view of your deal portfolio for 360° covenant visibility.

Simplify deadline management

A clear, holistic view of your covenants allows you and your borrowers to identify and meet documentation deadlines effectively and on time, reducing your legal and reputational risk.

Upgrade your communications

Because DealFact stores documents throughout the loan process, you no longer need to rely on inefficient manual tracking via Excel and email. That means your team is free to add value elsewhere.

Streamline counterparty interactions

DealFact lets you give your secondary lenders and auditors access to covenant documents in real-time.

Count on our support

Our comprehensive onboarding ensures your existing loans will smoothly migrate onto the platform. After that, we’ll provide ongoing administration of your loan deliverables, taking the pressure off your internal team and extending their capacity.

Your solution for smarter administration

DealFact simplifies workflows across the life of the covenant, with a series of user-friendly steps from deal setup to deal team management.

By alerting relevant parties about key deliverables ahead of time, DealFact helps you meet every deadline, remove key person risk, raise the standard of your overall data governance, and minimize your reputational and legal risk.

You can be confident that all covenant documentation, including submissions for previous covenant due dates, is stored securely and available on demand.

Because DealFact is hosted in an encrypted, cloud-based environment, you can control access to information.

Automatic systems auditing of all actions minimizes administrative tasks and reduces your teams’ overall workload.

How DealFact supports key roles

If you’re a Head of Operations:

The challenge:
How can you guarantee the ability to set up deals at speed, manage deal teams, and review and submit documents securely — all while protecting your business legally and reputationally?

The DealFact solution:
Our user-friendly platform provides a holistic and comprehensive view of your deal portfolio that ensures transparency, prompts timely actions, and keeps deal teams informed.

If you’re a deal team member:

The challenge:
With a growing volume of loans under management, how can you ensure the accurate tracking of covenant deliverables, chase documents, and meet deadlines effectively?

The DealFact solution:
DealFact stores and manages documents in a single, intuitive platform that automatically identifies and meets documentation deadlines. Automatic systems auditing of all actions increases peace of mind.

Preview of our Dealfact platform, covenant management tool

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